Sierra Maucort Thank You | Jun 16, 2015

Dear NDPTA Board of Directors,

Please accept my sincere gratitude for the stipend in the amount of $250 to assist in my travel to National Harbor, MD, for the 2015 House of Delegates. This was an unforgettable experience of which I was honored to have been a part. In the time leading up to the conference, I did not know what to expect. I prepared myself to see the political and administrative side of the national association, but ended up experiencing much more. I left the House of Delegates so proud and eager to be part of such an amazing profession. The discussions that took place among the delegates were so well-articulated by such intelligent professionals; it was definitely intimidating at times to be in their presence. Not only was it an honor to be among well-established and experienced professionals, it was just as rewarding to meet fellow Physical Therapy students from around the country. Hearing about different programs and sharing our experiences together was such a great part of the overall time spent in Maryland.

During my time at the House of Delegates, I learned more than I could have ever hoped. One of the first things I noticed was the variation among the states in the number of delegates present. As a student who has lived in the same geographical location throughout her life, this was definitely an eye-opener to see how Physical Therapists in different parts of the country vary in their level of involvement in their state chapters. I do, on the other hand, understand that states with the most representatives have high populations. However, this was still very interesting to see the differences. The key lesson I will take away from this experience is how important it is to be involved with your profession's national and state organizations. It has always been my goal to be the best Physical Therapist I can be and after experiencing the House of Delegates, I realize that this will not be achieved solely by aiming to master skills taught in school. To strive for excellence in my career, I have learned that it is important to stay involved and informed about my profession as a whole, including understanding what direction it is going and advocating for patients when needed. I look forward to finishing my education and start my future as a Physical Therapist so I can continue being involved with the profession at a state and, perhaps one day, at the national level.

Again, I genuinely thank you for the stipend to assist in my travel expenses. It was truly an honor to represent North Dakota.


Sierra Maucort, SPT

University of North Dakota