Shoes4Kids! | Mar 28, 2014

North Carolina, home of Tar Heels and Blue Devils, is a state with more than just collegiate basketball rivalries. North Carolina, sadly, also has more than 603,000 under-served children. In 2012, there were over 49,000 children who live in poverty in Charlotte, NC.

APTA and Shoes4Kids has been working diligently to keep the issue of under-served kids and their health a top priority during annual conference.

New shoes being provided by PTs and PTAs during PT 2012. Shoes4Kids makes a difference in the lives of these children.

Your participation last year helped put shoes on over 1200 under-served, under-privileged kids in Salt Lake City, UT. Today, I ask that we share our strength by making sure kids in Charlotte have a clean pair of socks and a well fit and comfortable pair of athletic shoes.

Together, we can expand our reach and touch more kids. For more information, contact Brad Thuringer, PTA, at 800.657.4344 Ext 325 or

A youngster being fitted with new socks and shoes provided by Shoes4Kids during PT 2011 in Maryland. It may be a little scary having a stranger play with your feet!