National Student Conclave | Nov 12, 2013

This year the APTA National Student Conclave (NSC) was in Louisville, Kentucky. The conference was exciting and filled with opportunities to learn. The amount of information one can obtain at Conclave is endless. Between meeting physical therapy students from around the country and conversing with knowledgeable presenters and board members, Conclave has something for everyone. There are opportunities to attend presentations on disciplines within the field of physical therapy as well as presentations on post graduate topics, which make this conference very relevant for third year students. Not to forget the endless amount of time given to allow attendees to network with physical therapy businesses from every area of the United States and beyond.

The rumor may be that Conclave is most beneficial to third year physical therapy students. However, after attending NSC this year as a first year student, I would disagree. Yes, there is adequate time spent on post graduate topics, but that does not mean the presentations were not helpful. Besides me, seven other first years from the University of North Dakota attended the conference and we all found the post graduate topics very informative, helpful, and interesting. Also, there were lots of other first years at the conference which allowed us to learn about what the first year is like at other schools and how their clinicals differ from our own. Besides the presentations and students, the Exhibit Hall also offered excitement. In the Exhibit Hall, there were countless physical therapy businesses which allowed us to expose ourselves to the possibilities and opportunities that await us in the field of physical therapy.

National Student Conclave can be summed up in one word--beneficial. No matter if you are a first year, second year, or third year physical therapy student, NSC has something for you. It was a worthwhile experience that I will be applying to my education.

Kelsey Meyer, SPT
University of North Dakota Class of 2016