Dodgeball Tournament | Oct 3, 2013

The NDPTA-sponsored Student Reception for the UND-PT students and Northland Community and Technical College PTA students was held Oct. 3, 2013, at the UND Wellness Center. The 75 plus students enjoyed sub sandwiches and veggies and visited with clinicians from around the area, faculty of the 2 schools, and the speaker for the conference, Jennifer Gamboa. Pat Carter, Vice-President of the NDPTA, served as host for the event. President Kathy Day was on hand to welcome the students and the other NDPTA Board members were also introduced. Many door prizes were given out.

We were also able to honor 3 NDPTA members for their years of service, including Amy Elbert for 30 years, Annette Palmgren for 35 years, and Anne Putbrese for 40 years of continuous membership in the APTA. Brittany Anderson, NDPTA Recruitment and Retention Chair, encouraged students to continue their involvement and membership in the NDPTA and presented them with options for dues payment.

Following the reception, the Dodgeball Tournament was started with a captain's meeting to explain the format and the rules. The Wellness Center staff did an excellent job at keeping the games running smoothly. UND had 3 teams present, including two 1st year teams and one 3rd year team. The PTA students had one team for the 1st and one team for the 2nd year students. Board members thought of having a Geriatrics team, but there were not enough healthy bodies to fill a team!

Congratulations to the UND 1st year team for winning the whole thing!! They took team photos and were given NDPTA water bottles for their winner's prizes. The NDPTA thanks the students for their wonderful attendance and participation.