Greetings from University of Mary!! | Jan 26, 2012

On behalf of the DPT Students, Classes 2012, 2013 and 2014 - THANK YOU!! Your contribution helped make our journey to the National Student Conclave in Minneapolis possible. The funds provided made a HUGE difference on a student budget! The students that were able to go to the National Student Conclave had a wonderful time. We learned more about the mission of the APTA, participated in elections for our new Student Assembly officers, and got involved!

The Conclave was well organized and informative. The committee that organized this event did an excellent job finding speakers for the seminars. We were able to get great ideas about clinical sites that we would like to visit and directions that our careers have the potential to take in the very near future. The students from our school that are closer to graduation were able to take advantage of an interviewing workshop and begin networking with possible employers. The exhibit halls were filled with opportunity and information. We found everything, including: NPTE test preparation, combined sections representatives, and job opportunities galore. Not to mention all of the pens and highlighters that we could possibly use in the next three years. :)

We were also able to meet briefly with the APTA's president Scott Ward (there was a picture of us featured in the Clinical Electrophysiology and Wound Management section newsletter, page 6, which I have attached).

Overall, the most important thing that we took home from the NSC was a renewed excitement for our profession. We were reminded of why we are working so hard every day to become Physical Therapists. Being among so many other people that were excited about our profession was contagious. We left the NSC with a feeling of camaraderie that I hope will never diminish.

Best Regards,

Stephanie Allen, SPT
NDPTA Student Representative
University of Mary
Class of 2014