National Student Conclave | Jan 13, 2012

National Student Conclave (NSC) proved to be a highly motivating gathering for students in attendence. This year, the conference was designed to expose attendees to the broad spectrum of career opportunities in the world of physical therapy in order to assist in finding the career path that is right for each individual. The goal was that at the conclusion of the conference, students would have a better idea of where their interests and passions lay in order to pursue a career in which they would best thrive. Students learned about private practice, volunteering, residencies and fellowships, specialization, and other opportunities for career advancement after college. Students also had the chance to attend sessions on specific areas of practice including orthopedics, neurology, women's health, and others. Sessions allowed for interactive learning from experienced clinicians. Speakers were both informative and motivating. In the exhibit hall, students gained exposure to companies with prospective jobs, opportunities for education advancement following graduation, and resources available to students and clinicians. Not only was it a great atmosphere for self growth and development, the conference encouraged students to interact and mingle. Students were able to learn about other physical therapy programs across the country, discuss professional growth, and more. Upon leaving the NSC students could not help but be excited about what lies ahead in the exciting profession of physical therapy. The University of North Dakota physical therapy students would like to thank the North Dakota Physical Therapy Association for helping to make this experience possible.

By Marissa Laddusaw, SPT
UND Class of 2012