PT Profile: Anne Putbrese, MPT | Dec 10, 2013

My name is Anne Putbrese and I have my Masters in Physical Therapy with NDT pediatric certification. I have been a PT for 40 years with 25 years in pediatric rehab and 15 years in home health.

I graduated with my BS in Physical Therapy from the University of Kansas in 1973 and earned my Masters in Physical Therapy in 1993.

I have been an APTA member for 40 years because I feel we have to support our professional organization in order to survive and grow as a profession.

My most positive comment about belonging to the APTA is that my membership in the pediatric and home health sections assisted me in providing quality care to my patients through newsletters, Combined Section meetings, etc.

I have been married to my husband Dave for 31 years. I have 2 daughters Emily and Bryn. Emily is married to West and they have the most beautiful baby girl Zabrina who is 1 year old. Both Emily and West work and live in Kansas City. Bryn just graduated from UND School of Medicine. She is doing a transitional year in Sioux Falls before doing her residency in radiology at University of Utah hospital in Salt Lake City. I'm not perfect at any of my hobbies but I love them all: reading, biking, cross country skiing, golf, playing in a bell choir, and lunching with friends.

My career has impacted my family in many ways. My husband and I have many close friends through friends I've met in the PT profession. We also have one daughter in the medical profession.