Research Article | Jun 2, 2014

The Research Committee of the NDPTA consisting of Pat Carter, Cindy Flom-Meland and Anne Putbrese met recently to review research stipend applications. The NDPTA provides stipends to qualifying applicants for research projects. Requests can be submitted from PT or PTA students, faculty, or clinicians.

For 2014, the Committee reviewed applications and selected two groups to receive awards. The first goes to Missy Taylor, Whitney Boom, Jennifer Flemmer, Kayla Meyer, Amanda Moisan, and Laura Rensvold of University of Mary for their project, "The Effect of a Multidisciplinary Community-Based Program on Fall Risk and Balance Confidence of Older Adults: A Continuation Study."

The second award goes to Don Allen, Thomas Akurugo, Curtis Darrah, Stephen Guy, Ryan Malm, Brady Martin, and Mark Miller, also of the University of Mary. Their project is "The Use of Laterality Recognition as a Prognostic Indicator for Low Back Pain." The results of these research projects will be presented at an upcoming NDPTA meeting.

Congratulations to these students and faculty from the NDPTA.