Outstanding Service Award | Apr 21, 2017

Pat Carter has been awarded the NDPTA Outstanding Service Award.

She was presented the award by Brittany Anderson, Member-at-Large > 30,000 for the NDPTA (and also Pat's daughter). Pat Carter has been deeply involved in the APTA/NDPTA for many years. She has held multiple positions on the Board including Member-at-Large, Vice-President, and chair of numerous committees. She has spent her entire career as a member and has volunteered for many events, promotions, and conferences to better our North Dakota Component. As an experienced clinical instructor, she has promoted our component by constantly encouraging students and new professionals to join the APTA. She also advises them to grab hold of the notion that lifelong learning is vitally important in the PT profession and is necessary to improve the lives of the people being served. Pat received this award to acknowledge her commitment and gifts of time and service to the ND Component.