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The 2014 PTA Caucus Annual Meeting Minutes and House of Delegates

Holly Shilling, PTA Caucus Representative for the North Dakota chapter participated in the 2014 PTA Caucus Annual Meeting and APTA’s House of Delegates.

Forty-five PTA Caucus Representatives, 8 PTA Caucus Alternate Representatives, and 5 Delegates gathered in Charlotte June 7 and 8 for the PTA Caucus Annual Meeting. Amy Smith, Chief Delegate presided over the meeting. A moment of silence was observed in memory of Valecia Snyder, PTA (TX), former PTA Advisory Panel Chair and a dear friend of the Caucus.

PTA Caucus Nominating Committee conducted candidate interviews and elections. Those elected to serve included: David Harris (TN), Delegate; Crystal Morris (NC), Delegate; Jane Jackson (AZ) Alternate Delegate; and Nicole Volek (TX), Nominating Committee. The Chief Delegate also acknowledged outgoing officers, Paul Purdue (WA), Crystal Morris (NC), Jane Jackson (AZ), and Christina Wilson (AL) as well as those who had attained PTA Recognition.
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